2 Minute Reviews of Each Chapter in the New Testament.


Read the “Wall Street Journal” if your interest is financial markets. Want the latest scoop from Hollywood? Pick up a “People” Magazine. Subscribe to “Better Homes and Gardens” if you’re trying to redecorate your house. But if gold, glamour, and garden tubs are not your idea of fulfillment… if you’re weary of human opinion and long to hear the voice of authority… if you’re looking for truth… then I’ve got a book for you! When Jeremiah discovered God’s Word, he said to God, “Your words were found, and I ate them, and Your word was to me the joy and rejoicing of my heart.” As Jeremiah devoured God’s Word it became his delight. The Bible became his bread. When a hungry spirit feeds on Holy Scripture sweetness fills the soul. The believer sees across time into eternity. He eavesdrops on the thoughts of God. His attention is snatched from things on earth and focused toward things in heaven. When a hungry heart reads the Bible, God’s presence seems to rise from the page. Chapter by Chapter is offered in hopes of spurring on the hungry heart. Just as the smell of simmering stew fills the house, arouses the family’s appetite, and causes everyone to scamper to the kitchen – hopefully these chapter summaries will tantalize your spiritual taste buds and draw you to the table. Remember, when a hungry spirit feeds on Holy Scripture sweetness fills the soul. May your soul savor the sweet taste of knowing God!

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