The Drama Of Christmas


Christmas is many things to many people, but no one can recall the first Christmas and escape the spine-tingling drama… the mysterious and fascinating characters… the varied and vivid backdrops… the dialogue that fills the story’s script with profound and memorable lines… and of course, a plot with more twists and turns than a pretzel that unfolds in a surprising, almost shocking manner…

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Since that first Christmas, the story of the arrival of God’s Son has been told and retold – even reenacted over and over. The first live nativity occurred on Christmas Eve 1223 AD, and was organized by Saint Francis of Assisi. Since then, thousands of churches over hundreds of years have reenacted the Christmas story. And though I would never discourage a Christmas nativity these constant rehearsals do immunized us from the wonder of the drama as it first unfolded.

This book is an attempt to spice up your Christmas by recapturing the surprise, the fascination, the awe-struck amazement that first accompanied the Christmas drama. The Christmas story is the world’s grandest epic. Join me as we take a fresh look at God’s Christmas Drama.

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